The Sourdough Slim Catalogue

A day without yodeling is like, well, a day without yodeling. Now, you need never be caught short again! You can have your very own copies of Sourdough Slim's immortal renditions of authentic and traditional Western music, plus some Sourdough originals. (You'll also impress the heck out of your friends with the wide range of your musical taste.)

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You can listen to any of the underlined songs with the RealAudio RealPlayer G2 . Please note that these songs are posted in monophonic sound. The CD's are in full-spectrum stereo, sound much better and you won't have those annoying interruptions when the Internet is busy.

New CD - Available Now!

Whoop It Up Cover

"Fabulous new CD. As good as anything you've done. Loved the instrumentals. Quite a variety. Like sitting around the campfire listening to you sing. So cool"
- Spike Barkin, Roots Music Ambassador, New York, NY

Little Joe The Wrangler
Git Along Little Dogies
Shorty's Demise
Old Batch
The Big Corral
Rimrock Ride
Open Up Them Pearly Gates
Half Way To Rackerby
Buffalo Gals
Goodbye Old Paint
Two Gun Polka
Down In The Valley
Oh, Dem Golden Slippers
Cowboy Jack
East Of Miller Hill
The Yellow Rose Of Texas

Two Great 2016 Releases!

Whoop It Up Cover

Great original Sourdough Slim cowboy songs
with Robert Armstrong and The Saddle Pals

Whoop It Up!
Ten Gallon Hat
Ride That Bronco Buckaroo
Til Then
The Devil With The Devil
Jolly Cowboys
Conestogas Ho!
Jalapeno Polka
A Miners Tale
Shot Of Rye
Fruitvale Wobble
The Chuckwagon Waltz
Goin' Back To Where I Come From
Til Then Reprise
We'll Have A Grand Old Time

Best Western Cover

Cool CD of Vintage Western, Old Time Cowboy & Hot Jazz Classics

This stand out recording features hot pickin', old time harmony singing, stratospheric yodeling and the ethereal lilt of the musical saw. The passion and enthusiasm these two share for this great American roots music really shines through on these 15 classics.

I Can't Tame Wild Women
The Gal I Left Behind Me
I Ride An Old Paint
Milk Cow Blues
Sweet Georgia Brown
Red River Valley
What's The Matter With The Mill?
El Rancho Grande
La Golondrina
In The Jailhouse Now
Down Yonder
Blood On The Saddle
Goin' Back To My Texas Home
Drink The Beer Barrel Dry
Ghost Riders In The Sky

Big Hits 2014 Release
A whopping 27 Cuts of the Best from 2004-2013
"Best Of - Vol. 2"
Best of vol 2 Cover

A collection of Sourdough's personal favorites (27 songs in all) from five CD's recorded between 2004 to 2013. What a bargain! A must have for long time fans and a great introduction to Sourdough's music for those uninitiated. Over an hour of yodeling fun!

Big Bad Bill
Westbound Freight
Travelin' Blues
Cool Water
Barnacle Bill The Sailor
I'm Casting My Lasso Towards The Sky
Ghost Riders In The Sky
Don't Fence Me In
I'm An Old Cowhand
Roustabout's Farewell
Back In The Saddle Again
Golden Slippers
The Days Of '49
Man On The Flying Trapeze
Yodelin' Bill
In Old Winnemucca
Left My Gal In The Mountains
Cattle Call
Twilight On The Trail
Red Rock, Juniper And Sage
I Like To Yodel
Tennessee Waltz
Vaudeville Cowboy
Dallas Turner's Last Carnival Bark

2013 Masterpiece!
"Travelin' Blues"
Travelin' Blues CD Cover

Sourdough's first solo release since 2008 is a real crowd pleaser. Seven great new original songs, cookin' country blues, cowboy classics and lots of yippie-ti-yi-yodeling. This CD rocks! Backed on many songs by the instrumental wizardry of Robert Armstrong. You'll definitely want to add this gem to your collection. Sourdough says "Some albums just fall together so beautifully, magic happens. This is one of those moments."

"Slim's new album, Travelin' Blues, is pure bliss....His take on Jimmie Rodgers' "T for Texas" is one of those songs you'd wear out if this was an actual vinyl record." - Christine G. K. Lapado-Breglia, Chico News & Review

"Fabulous! Spectacular! Absolutely terrific! "The Days of '49" is killer." - Coleman Barkin, The Lincoln Center, NY

Travelin' Blues
Cattle Call
Trouble Keeps Hangin' Round My Door
T For Texas
Farewell For Now
Everybody Does It In Hawaii
Oh, For The Wild & Woolly West
Western Skies
Mexicali March
The Days Of '49
Guess Who's In Town
Over The Waves O' Sage
My Mary
In Old Winnemucca
Mean Mama Blues
I Like To Yodel
The Big House Blues

Sourdough Slim with Robert Armstrong

"LIVE from The Strawberry Music Festival"
Sourdough Slim - Live from the Strawberry Music Festival.
From their Main Stage and workshop performances at the Spring 2009 Strawberry Music Festival this CD captures these jolly troubadours of tradition in fine form. Whether their belting out a traditional blues piece, kicking up a hot novelty number, shining up an old cowboy classic or sharing a joke with the crowd, there is something here for everyone. Sourdough on guitar, accordion, uke and harmonica. Robert on national steel, banjo and musical saw. As MC Dallas Dobro says "Good Stuff!"

Gambling Bar Room Blues
Cowpuncher Blues
Barnacle Bill The Sailor
Fan It
Mule Train
The Diet
Miss The Mississippi And You
Desert Blues
Pistol Packin' Papa
The Musket Came Down From The Door
The Fortune Teller
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now
Open Up Dem Pearly Gates

Rootin', Tootin' Followup to "Classics" CD
"Classics II"
15 more classic cowboy songs
Sourdough Slim - Classics II
15 epic renditions of some of the greatest cowboy songs of all time. Sourdough follows up his hugely popular 2007 release with more of the best of the West on "Classics II." Backed up by some of the finest cowboy musicians in the business. Classic songs sung by a classic artist.

Ridin' Down The Canyon
The Strawberry Roan
Silver On The Sage
Home On The Range
The Musket Came Down From The Door
Twilight On The Trail
I'm Casting My Lasso Towards The Sky
Red River Valley
Left My Gal In The Mountains
Mule Train
Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie
The Old Chisholm Trail
Chime Bells Yodel
Ragtime Cowboy Joe

2007 Release Of Top Cowboy Hits
Classics CD Cover
16 of the greatest cowboy & hobo songs of all time

You can't go wrong with this CD! Every song is a winner. Sourdough is at his best singing these classic songs of the trails and rails and believe me his renditions of these gems are like no one elses. Mostly recorded solo accompaning himself on guitar, accordion, tenor banjo, baritone ukulele and harmonica with occasional help from his pals Cactus Bob and John Girton on fiddle, clarinet, octophone, tuba and piano. For those of you who have been waiting for a CD with all your favorite western songs, here it is. A true classic!

High Noon
Cool Water
Don't Fence Me In
The Streets Of Laredo
Boots And Saddle
You Are My Sunshine
Hobo Bill's Last Ride
I'm An Old Cowhand
Tennessee Waltz
The Big Rock Candy Mountain
Pecos Bill
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
When The Cactus Is In Bloom
Waiting For A Train
Back In The Saddle Again
Happy Trails

Unique 2006 Release
Vaudville Cowboy CD Cover
"Vaudeville Cowboy"
From the sideshow stage of the traveling tent shows of the 1920's and depression era years to follow take a trip through the eyes and ears of the Vaudeville Cowboy. This 2006 CD finds Sourdough following in the footlights of such illustrious entertainers as Tom Mix, Jimmie Rodgers, Col. Tim McCoy, Buffalo Bill Cody, W C Fields and Will Rogers during the heyday of cowboydom. 17 classic and original songs that reflect the impact of the cowboy and the West on the vaudeville and traveling tent show stages of yesteryear. Joined by his talented pals on such novel instruments as the national steel, tuba, french horn, piano, musical saw and banjo. The Big Show's Come To Town!

"There is no one today more versed in the great tradition of old time vaudeville and the tent shows that toured throughout the country in the 1920's and 30's than Sourdough Slim. Slim is a master showman and one of the finest musicians I know. Trust me - Sourdough Slim gets it!!!"
-Don Edwards

Gambling Polka Dot Blues
Miss The Mississippi And You
Big Bad Bill
Roustabout's Farewell
Vaudeville Cowboy
California Blues
In The Jailhouse Now
Waltz Of The Crags
Man On The Flying Trapeze
Pistol Packin' Papa
Golden Slippers
Ode To A Meadowlark
Jean From Abilene
Down The Road
Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
River Blues
Vaudeville Reprise


Six-Guns 'n Sage
Highly Acclaimed 2004 Release
"The album's strength lies in how fun and non-typical Slim's versions of songs are...much more invigorating than 9/10ths of the stuff you hear from the current cadre of western revivalists."
- Sing Out!, folk music magazine

This studio recording features Sourdough at his solo best. Six new original songs and ten more gems from the golden age of Western music. Dedicated to legendary border radio pitchman and singing cowboy, Dallas Turner (Nevada Slim), who's classic carnival intro pitches add a unique touch to this CD.

I Like The Desert In The Fall
Westbound Freight
Gambling Bar Room Blues
Yodelin' Bill
Panamint Polka
Frankie & Johnny
Red Rock, Juniper And Sage
Ridin' Down The Trail To Albuquerque
Cowhand's Last Ride
In Old California
I Want My Boots On When I Die
Barnacle Bill
Cowboy Waltz
Ghost Riders In The Sky


The Best Of Sourdough Slim - Vol. 1
The Best Of Sourdough Slim Vol. 1 1992-2001

A Ten Year Retrospective.
A fabulous collection of 20 songs taken from 5 different Sourdough CD's released between 1992 and 2001. You can't go wrong with this one. The ultimate early Sourdough CD.

  1. Whoopee Ti Yi Yo
  2. Conestogas Ho!
  3. I Just Yodel My Troubles Away
  4. Flor Marchita
  5. The Strawberry Roan
  6. When The Work's All Done This Fall
  7. There's Music In The Air Way Out West
  8. Ridin' High, Singin' A Song
  9. Doney Gal
  10. San Antonio Rose
  11. Cowpuncher Blues
  12. The Gal I Left Behind
  13. Oklahoma Blues
  14. Prairie Musette
  15. Wagontrain Rollin' West
  16. The Yodeling Cowboy
  17. I Ride An Old Paint
  18. Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie
  19. When The Bloom Is On The Sage
  20. Yodel/Carson's Waltz


All titles are available in Compact Disc (CD) format for US $15 each. Prices include US postage and handling. For International orders, please add US $5 per order.

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